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Who we are

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, that is dedicated to providing both education relating to personal health, as well as actual health services to those in need within the continent of Africa. Through our past experiences, and humanitarian work, it has become apparent to us that there is a great deal of work that must be done within Africa concerning basic health needs. This is no surprise. However, what is surprising is the absolute lack of knowledge when it comes to one’s own individual health.

Diabetes, hypertension, etc., are some of the main causes of high early morbidity rates among poor African villages. It is our goal, and our mission to provide not only what services we can, but education so that the people may begin to take care of themselves more effectively, and become more informed about important personal health aspects; blood pressure, sugar levels, etc


Each step forward begins with an idea

We seek to help prevent the complications of hypertension and diabetes through promoting awareness and providing health screenings and medication in rural communities.

The problem

Countless people in Africa are plagued with disease conditions that can be prevented or controlled with proper interventions. They suffer due to lack of awareness, primary healthcare and access to medications. 

The Plan

  • Provide basic supplies and medications in Angola
  • Conduct regular health fairs in different parts of Africa 
  • Collaborate with other organizations with similar missions


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We invite you to become a volunteer. Volunteers are the heart of our work. Their dedication and contribution is most valuable to us. People make the difference and the change. Their time and energy is what makes our work move forward and expand.


Helping those in need

Our mission at Health First African Missions Inc., is unfortunately a costly one. Thus far, our founder has donated all of the funds to run all of our services and programs. Since our organization will never require fees to be involved, it is crucial that we have the funds required to launch our expeditions, fund health fairs, and pay for the services that these locals so desperately need. We greatly appreciate any support that we can garner from the community, even if it’s not financial! Spreading the word, and getting the information out there about the problem, and the work we do can be just as helpful! Together, we can help change the lives of thousands, millions of people! Join us today, and learn more!

what we do

Our goals

At Health First African Missions Inc., it is our goal to not only help those currently suffering various health ailments in Africa, but to prevent such issues in the future.

Improve health care

We have taken previous expeditions to Nigeria, about once every other year due to financial constraints, and set up Health Fairs with local doctors and nurses in an attempt to educate, and inform the local populations. We have sent supplies, and medications to the local Ministries of Health, and have done all that we can to support the local initiates to improve health care, and education.

We need your help!

We have some major goals, and would like to set up these Health Fairs to change form once every other year, to once a month, led by local doctors, nurses, and health centers. We have done a great deal already, and have some big aspirations, but we need your help!



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